Born the first girl of wealthy landowners Richa and Karol in Goa, India during the late 19th Century, Sayantani was a frail girl of poor health. She was largely neglected by her mother. Due to extensive memory implants given to Sayantani through the Snake f program, any or all of these memories are suspect. Sayantani became Lolita and fights with two unbreakable nails from her both hands. She has at least one memory of meeting Guepardo in World War I while she was in the Nepali Army which has been verified as true. Sometime after World War I, Lolita was taken by a group of scientists led by Flins as part of the Snake F program.

  • Sayantani
  • Height
  • 5' 8 "
  • Weight
  • 122 pounds
  • Powers
  • Deadly fighter. Fights with unbreakable nails.
  • Abilities
  • Can fly. Deadly attacks. Ability to become fire and convert any otehr energy into various other objects.Back to Characters

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