GUEPADRO was born to Professor Lee Wing and a Japanese woman. His mother apparently died very early in her childhood, and then her father became busy with teaching. He was then raised in Japan by her grandfather Kanji Ozawa. Kanji taught him the ways of a samurai, in which he became highly skilled.
Guepadro and Mitra created an association as private detectives and called it BalancePreserver. Because of Guepadro and Mitra's expertise in martial arts, BalancePreserver was renamed Sons of the Dragon.

  • Panthro
  • Height
  • 6' 2 "
  • Weight
  • 190 lbs
  • Powers
  • Moves as silent as Panther, typically letting her actions speak for him. Knows deadly styles of fighting
  • Abilities
  • Fights with various hand to hand battle style. Back to Characters

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